Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My New Crawler!

So you have seen pics of Shane's crawler. But who do you think just went along for the ride to take those pictures? ME! And I have to admit it got really boring just watching the guys crawl while I tried to find things to take pictures of. That is why I now have my own crawler! It is smaller than Shane's, but still crawls great. They even have Mini Crawler Competitions for this little thing. I like it! Its pretty, blue and cute. Now I just need to get my own body to paint. And some cooler stickers. After one week of having it I figured that I would need to upgrade the wheels and tires. I changed out the shocks the day after I got it. And the guy that we bought it from gave me two extra bodies. Check out the pics below. I will definitely be taking this to Moab to crawl next weekend. I'll post more pics as I take them!

Mini Losi Crawler. Pretty much stock, except for the black beadlocks on the wheels.

Crawling the Stairs.

New shocks! Made the body stand higher.
New wheels, beadlocks and tires. Black chrome wheels, sweet.
New look of the crawler.
One of the bodies that came with the mini. I need to figure out how to make it work for tire clearance.....and I need to clip it to the chassis.

UtAh JaZz!

My parents invited us to the Jazz game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on April 3rd. Our seats may not have been the closest, but we were surrounded by some of the friendliest people. See, the thing is, we got tickets to the game because my dad had been at the Utah Funeral Directors Association Convention at Energy Solutions Arena that week and all of the attendees were given tickets. It was a good game, but the Jazz ended up losing by one. They didn't really start playing until the last half of the game. But at least I wasn't sitting at home watching movies on demand.

The view from the banquet rooms at Energy Solutions Arena.

Mom and Dad at the game.

View from our seats, but I could still tell who was who.

Shane wouldn't let me take his picture, surprise!