Friday, September 5, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

For our 2nd anniversary, Shane and I decided that we needed a little vaycay away. So we headed for the City of Sin, LAS VEGAS. It was nice and relaxing to say the least since we just stayed the night.
We stayed at Bally's for the fact that it was the cheapest we could find on the Strip, and also liked that it was right in the middle. We had no idea how awesome out view would be though. The picture above is out our window, over looking the pool at Paris. You can also see in the picture where they are building a whole new condominium complex right across from Planet Hollywood (formerly the Aladdin.) The city has grown so much since we were last there in 2006.
This is our room. For just $80 we got a king size/non-smoking room and the size of the room and bathroom surprised us, not to mention the view which you will see below. This is definitely our favorite place to stay now. I wouldn't mind making more trips here.I have two favorite places in the world. One is Disneyland where I can take millions of pictures and don't feel stupid with my camera. The other is Tiffany and Co. where I feel like a dork for even thinking about taking a picture. Since we don't have a store in Utah, I made Shane promise to go there with me. I love that place and my they serviced my jewelry so now it looks better than new. But I found out that there are 2 Tiffany's in Vegas now. One at the Bellagio and one at Caesars Palace. They're across the street from each other? Only in Vegas.This is the entrance to our hotel from the Strip. Shane had no idea where Bally's was until I told him that it was the place where the blue rings are. It was really cool looking at night..........and I saw a lady throwing up on the side of it. You could actually see the Bellagio fountains from our room!!!!!!!!!

The view of the Strip from our room at night.

Wild, Wild West.....Wendover

We spent Father's Day weekend this year like we have for the past 3 years, at the Rainbow Casino Car Show in Wendover. This year my sister Alli's 21st birthday also happened to be on Father"s Day, so the weekend was a double whammy. It was a lot of fun being out there with our friends and the short ride out there really helped. Kacey rode out with Shane and I since Derick and Jon were coming out after work. We gambled every night and had a blast doing it. Friday night we had other friends out there too (Jessen, Brooke, Nick and Kori) so we had a blackjack table filled up quick. With no place to go, Kacey and I found our own tables while making new friends along the way. FYI: Playing with hungry old ladies does not equal fun. And apparently if you ever see two young girls sitting at a blackjack table you better catch a seat quick because that table can become full fast. Shane and I came out down $40 between the two of us for the whole weekend. But Shane did win $200 in the Poker Run. Second best hand in the game. My parents came out on Sunday to see us and to bring Alli and my fam for Alli's birthday. Along with a car show all weekend long, they also open the race track for drags on Sunday. Shane and his dad always jump at the chance to beat the other. Shane won just about every time.
Ashley being a cheese.
Shane is trying to avoid the camera, can you tell?
Burn Out Contest
Coolest Little Fire Truck
Hey look, is that Bumble Bee?Sorry Kacey, only pic I had from the weekend.Shane and Jon. Believe me, sometimes he smiles.
Derick got comfy in Tammy's chair. Special.For some reason I kept getting the urge to dance all weekend.
Shane's burn out at the Track.
Shane lining up to race his dad.