Sunday, May 31, 2009

Creating with Cricut

I'm not totally into scrapbooking, mainly because I don't have either the time or the patience to do it. Crafting and card making, on the other hand, are hobbies that I have started doing. If you follow my blog, you have seen blocks and cards that I have made. Recently my mom asked "if I buy the stuff, will you make me a bunch of cards?" Being the nice daughter that I am, I agreed to. We will call it The Mom Collection. Below are some of my latest creations. The idea for matching the envelope to the card came from a set of Christmas cards that I bought from Costco one year. It just gives them a more custom touch. Feel free to, as they call it, scrap-lift any of the ideas.

Mother's Day card. I made two, of course, for both my mom and Shane's mom. The card is glittery.

Can't forget about Grandma.

Shane's birthday card. I had to make him a special one since he puts up with the mess I make all the time.
Can't forget about my latest blocks. I bought this cartridge that is so me called "Life's a Beach." Summer, here I come.

Graduation Card, The Mom Collection.

Quote on the inside: "And in the end, its not the years in your life that count. Its the life in your years."-Abraham Lincoln

Baby shower card for a girl, The Mom Collection.

Another Baby Girl Shower card from The Mom Collection.

My cousin Lydia is graduating this year from Copper Hills High School. I made this card for The Mom Collection.
Quote on the inside is actually her Class Quote from her Grad Announcement.
Baby Boy shower card from The Mom Collection.

Another baby boy card from The Mom Collection.

Bridal Shower card, The Mom Collection.

My mom thought this was a wedding card, but when I put "bride" on the outside I was making it as a shower card. The Mom Collection.

Wedding card, The Mom Collection.

Wedding Card, The Mom Collection.

Same wedding card. The front of the card barely covers "Walk Down The Aisle" which is the inside detail. The Mom Collection.

Birthday Card, The Mom Collection.

Another birthday card from The Mom Collection.
Inside detail of the "Relax" birthday card, The Mom Collection.

Balloon birthday card, The Mom Collection.

Thank You card, The Mom Collection.

Another Thank You card from The Mom Collection.
Graduation card for Lydia from us.
It also happened to be her birthday too. I didn't have a small clothing box, so I made one out of a box lid.
Close up of the charm detail on the gift.
Lydia's birthday card from us.
This is not the finished product for her graduation gift, but the main layout of the card.
All of the shapes, letters and sayings on the cards are from Cricut cartridges. I used the George Basic Shapes and Letters, Stretch Your Imagination, Doodletype and Life is a Beach.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Miller Motorsports Park

For Christmas Shane's parents gave us tickets to the 2009 LeMans Race on May 16th. Most of his extended family got tickets for the event on the same day. This was my first time to MMP, but Shane had been there last year. I had no idea how big the park was. It is 4 times the size of Disneyland, according to their website. I tried to get pictures of the cars as they passed on the track, but they were going so fast that it was hard to get a picture at the right moment. The day was amazing too. We were there for about 5 hours and there was just a slight breeze. Needless to say, Shane and I both got some sun. Shane got raccoon eyes from his glasses. My tan didn't start peeling until this past Wednesday. It was a good start to the summer. Except for the fact that we spent the night before at Rocky Mountain Raceway, so it ended up being a race-filled weekend. Check out the pics below.
One of the screens the have showing the race. The track is too big to see it all at once.

Actually got a picture of a car. This was a nearly 180 degree turn after the main straight-away.

Most of the day was spent watching the race at the West end of the park.

Shane watching the track. Of course, he wouldn't look at the camera.

Stunna at Miller Motorsports Park.

You can walk through the Paddock where all of the teams are
working on their cars. One of the sponsors was Cooper Tires.

I had no interest in being in this picture. It was supposed
to just be Shane, but the girls kept talking to me until
I got in the picture. They are the Cooper Tires girls.
I still wonder how you get those jobs.
While walking through the Paddock, a rep from the VW team invited
us to have waffles and ice cream with some of the other people from
VW. I had to take a picture of the waffles.
VW was there because some of the drivers were qualifying for the Jetta TDI cup.
They were able to split the track into 2 separate courses, so there
were different qualifying races at the same time.

In the Paddock the cars drive right by you.
These cars were amazing to see close up.
Last race we watched. The drivers were all lined up in the Paddock.
Combined with the heat, the temperature of their cars and the gear they
have to wear, they can get hot quick. They all had cute little umbrellas.
Where was the tea and crumpets?
Same cars from the last picture, but now on the track. The pace car was a BMW.

There were a lot of turns on the course, but this was the longest straight shot.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Moab 2009

This was my third trip to Moab which means that Shane and I have been married for almost 3 years now. It was lots of fun, much warmer than last year and more relaxing, especially since we didn't ride the bike down. The picture above is from a drive we took along the Colorado River. We even stopped at a Bouder Garden where you could attempt to climb these big rocks that have fallen off the side of the mountains. I have to say that it is always refreshing to see red rocks and get red sand between my toes. Shane didn't enter his car in the car show. It was just there to cruise around in and enjoy since it is running nicely now. We did attend the car show Saturday morning. Sometimes it feels like you see the same old cars over and over again the more shows you go to. There were a couple that we had not seen. The one I wanted to take home Shane didn't take a picture of (and I forgot my camera), but there was a Nissan GTR there. That's the car I'll probably never get. He did however get a shot of the other one I wanted. The Bronco below was BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved the color, the look, EVERYTHING! Now if only I could talk Shane into it.......
We also went along with some of our friends who wanted to go crawl the Poison Spider trail in their Jeep Cherokees. So Shane and I jumped into Derick's new truck and followed along. Thanks to Jon's mom who happened to remember her camera and got pictures of us crawling. Not only did we go crawling in Derick's truck (scary!) but it just so happened that the three of us had our RC Crawlers there. We had a blast until big, black rain clouds started rolling towards us fast so we had to get off the side of the slick rock mountains before we got caught in a flash flood. The trip was a blast and I can't wait to go again.....when its maybe a little warmer.

Shane's crawler at Poison Spider

Trying to figure out why it wasn't working. Everyone stopped to watch us.

My crawler is the blue one. Derick is in the top left.
Me and my crawler. I couldn't tell if I was getting a tan or just dirty.
Derick crawling up the first tough patch. The person in the back seat would be me.
It kind of looks like this picure was taken above the trail, but we actually had to climb that rock wall in the truck. The other side has quite a drop.

We made it! Thanks to Shane for being the spotter.

I crawled the Poison Spider trail and Potato Salad Hill.