Monday, May 5, 2008

The Boobie Race!

May 10th is the date for the Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City. My mom, my sister and I will be walking with Team Jazzercise. We as a team are doing it for the ladies! I have been doing Jazzercise since the end of February and truly believe that it is the reason I have not gained as much weight from sitting on my butt all day at work. It's great if you like to move, not-repetitious exercise and have fun. If you are available on the day of the race, come up and support all the people that are fighting breast cancer. The race will start and end at the north end of the Gateway. This is my first experience involved with the race, but I have seen year after year of working at the Gateway how many people are taking a stand against breast cancer and participate in the event. For info on the Race:


We got back from Moab last Sunday, I have just been too busy to post our trip. It was a well-needed vacay. Not long enough to be a full-fledged vacation, but just enough for my sanity. We rode the bike there. I'm sure you're thinking, WOW! How much fun!, but just think about how much fun you would have on the back of a motorcycle driving through Spanish Fork Canyon in 65 degree weather (which felt like 30) for 4 hours. Luckily I had my iPod so I got to sing all the way there. The weather across the weekend was okay, granted the only thing that got any sun was my face. We went to Arches National Park on Saturday for a couple of hours. The farther in you drive, the more amazing things you see. I wish that we wouldn't have been dressed to ride the bike. The hiking looked amazing. Next year I want to hike up to Delicate Arch. Besides the cool weather and sore butt, the weekend was fun. I'm already excited for the trip next year. Mainly because Shane said that we are taking the car. I'll have a nice cushy seat and can watch movies on the way there. Take a look at the pictures I posted. I'll post more as I get more.
What I call "Beach Blanket Chic." This is what Shane says our Old Navy truck could look like.
Coolest little car ever! It's called an Isetta by VW. Don't you think it looks like a baby bug?
Here are the bikes in Arches. Left to Right: Mike (Jon's brother), Derick, Jon and ours.
Balancing Rock in Arches. This is what it looked like from far away.
I had to stand underneath the rock to show you the amazing balancing act going on.
I made Shane stand at the base of the formation just to show how big it really is.
Here is Delicate Arch from a viewpoint. It was do far away I had to use the digital zoom on my camera. The little dots to the left of the Arch are people that hiked the trail up there.
This arch is called Skyline Arch. I figured what would pictures from Arches be without pictures of Arches.
Look at all the cars lining the road. They were all there to hike into Devil's Garden. Say "hi" Derick!