Monday, April 26, 2010

My Creative Bug!

Since I haven't updated the blog in awhile, there has been a lot of stuff that has not been shared. This includes my creative itch that comes from time to time. Its almost like a rash...completely clear for a while, then BAM! and it slowly fades away. Enjoy!

Trick or Treat blocks. Sold these at work.

More blocks that I made to sell at work.

Sold these there too.

Birthday card for my mom.

Paper bouquet I made for my desk.

Get Well Card for Shane's mom.

First paper bouquet I made.

Card I made for my mom's friend. She was having twins.

Inside of "All Hand on Deck" card.

Thank you card for my mom and dad.
They let us borrow their trailer for camping.
Father's Day card for my dad.

Wedding shower bouquet. The cup was filled with
Starburst reds.
Card for Sonia and Derick.

We had a project at work to do something nice for another coworker.
My gifts were all summer themed. I gave her a popsicle set with this card.

This card went with coconut body butter.

Baby girl card for Rachael.

Its a Girl card for Rachael.

Flip flop card for my coworker. I gave her flip flops with it, of course.

Inside of the flip flop card. I found it appropriate since I LOVE flip flops.

Ahhhh.....nothing better than a nice drink in the summer.
Put this along with CapriSun.
Inside of "Ahhhh...." card.

Easter card for my parents.

Easter card for my grandparents.

New Spring blocks for my mantle.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 Month Photo!

Since we finished our bathroom, I have not thought much about posting until recently. After the bathroom we got a little lazy. Thanksgiving passed...Max Hall called me classless...I got a new laptop...made a new friend...celebrated Christmas...Shane got his first snowboard...I turned 26...went snowboarding a couple of times...started digging out grass and cement to expand our driveway...Shane started working on his car...2 motor rebuilds later, it works...after 3 years of being married, I FINALLY changed my last name to Ledbetter...not much going on in the Ledbetter house, but we are definitely ready for summer to get here so that we can enjoy the warm weather.

Shane meeting his new friend Griffin.

Griffin Bevilhymer...Congrats Derick and Sonia!

A random meteor flew over Salt Lake in the middle of the night. See the star dust that was still lingering at sunrise.

Christmas Eve spent at work was not wasted. Happy Birthday Jessica!