Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are among us! A time for sharing, caring, and......EATING! At work we have 12 days of Christmas treats. I signed up for the first Thursday and decided to make my Oreo truffles, same as last year. This platter was full 15 minutes before it was taken! Glad everyone liked them.

We also had Thanksgiving #2/Holiday party with our friends over the weekend. Pretty much everyone but Shane and I along with one other couple are the only ones without kids. So what did Brooke and the other childless adult do? We sat in the play room with the kids and fed them cookies! They were having so much fun that 2 of them decided to sit in a tote. Then they invited one of the other boys over to join them. The whole time they were yelling "Squeeze!" Tons of fun! I will report more after the holidays!