Saturday, September 3, 2011

Help me help me.....

You can help me help myself in my journey to a new me! Since you follow our page, why not follow mine and see what I am doing outside of being the most AWESOME wife Shane has ever had. hehehe (Since I'm the only one...) Follow my motivational blog to weight loss and beyond!

Remember the smiling, happy, nearly healthy Ashley that you saw in the Key West post? Well, everything she worked so hard for to lay in a bikini on the beach for that trip has gone back to her old ways and is looking for a BIG change!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Home for My Clothes

We enjoy going to the Salt Lake Valley Parade of Homes every year. I really like going to get ideas and dream of someday having a dream house. I am happy where ever my home is, but you can always want your house to look better. From decorating and design ideas to inspirations for remodeling what we have, we get a lot of enjoyment walking through other peoples' houses. One week after we finished going to all of the houses, we started tearing our closet apart. It only took 2 days and I love it. Not the walk-in closet with a dressing table that I REALLY want, but one step closer. The picture above was the closet that was used for inspiration. 

This is our "stock" or original closet that was built with the house back in 1987. One long shelf and one long bar. The shelf wasn't so bad, it was the the bar that was holding so much clothing that it was starting to pull the brace off the wall. My side also had a seam on it because it was an adjustable bar. This would cause my clothes to not be able to slide when I was looking for something.

Here is what we came up with. Shane built everything for the closet, the shelves, the middle "bookcase", and eventually put in the custom bars. (Yay! No bumps!) After a run to Target for some fabric bins, it was ready to put clothes in. I did have to get rid of some of my shoes, but now I can fit in more clothes!
Below, this is what my side of the closet looks like now. Homes for my purses, tanks, flip flops, shirts, shoes and pants. Thanks to Shane for all the hard work!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What does it look like inside my head?

Ever think about what you would see if you looked into someone else's head? Shane feels that he now knows based on a recent trip to Z Gallerie. There was a section of the store that was completely turquoise, white and silver. His words were "Whoa! This is what the inside of your head must look like." I didn't get a picture from the store, but it was a little much, even for me. Here are some pics just to give you a little slice of what we saw: 

I actually loved this bedding from Z Gallerie.

Found this pic on the internet. Someone's real room.

Another shot of the room I found online.
I actually LOVE this bathroom vanity!

While searching for pics online of decor and rooms decorated in this fashion, I found an amazing blog, From there I found a link for House of Turquoise, where I found the room pics. Look at what Shane started me thinking about......

Sunday, July 31, 2011

We drove what to Wendover?!?!?!

(driving past the Bonneville Salt Flats)
We drove Shane's car. Out of the 4 cars we have, this is the oldest and loudest one, the only one without air conditioning and windows that don't roll all the way up.
Brooke, Korri and I riding in the back of Jessen's Nova.
Washing the Nova at the car wash, old school style.
I don't remember taking this pic.
The girls.
(Korri, Brooke, me and Monica)
The guys.
(Nick, Shane, Jessen, Jay)
Nick and Korri's truck at the Salt Flats.
Sadly, it didn't make it home on its own.
Fun trip, fun well lost.

Let's Go....G.N.O.!!!!

July's Girls' Night Out @ Bout Time
(me, Brooke, Monique, Nicole, Heather, Bre)
It was a nice, cloudy day. Perfect for sitting out on the patio.
Heather and Bre
Brooke, Nicole and Monique...It was also a b-day celebration for Nicole.
Cheers! to Girls' night. We were also going to see Bridesmaids, the movie, but we were having too much fun socializing.

Moab 2011

I learned that Jessen is a klutz, tourist attractions are more fun with friends and there can be snow strorms in at the end of April.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some things that make me happy.....

I love my new shoes! So much that I clean and organized my closet, which is now another thing that I love. I have all my shoes organized, my clothes hung, winter sweaters stored away and purses in a tote. Then I did all my laundry and put it away. ( When you have as much clothing as me, this is a feat. Then I found this quote: "It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes -- that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!" I may not be single, but I like to think I'm fabulous which is why I wanted these shoes. But currently, well according to last night's episode of Sex and the City on E!, Carrie Bradshaw is. My new tv addiction is Sex and the City ever since it started playing on E! and Style, and also since my friend Sonia invited me to the opening night of Sex and the City 2 last summer. By the way, the new episode of Glee is on next Tuesday, April 19.