Sunday, July 31, 2011

We drove what to Wendover?!?!?!

(driving past the Bonneville Salt Flats)
We drove Shane's car. Out of the 4 cars we have, this is the oldest and loudest one, the only one without air conditioning and windows that don't roll all the way up.
Brooke, Korri and I riding in the back of Jessen's Nova.
Washing the Nova at the car wash, old school style.
I don't remember taking this pic.
The girls.
(Korri, Brooke, me and Monica)
The guys.
(Nick, Shane, Jessen, Jay)
Nick and Korri's truck at the Salt Flats.
Sadly, it didn't make it home on its own.
Fun trip, fun well lost.

Let's Go....G.N.O.!!!!

July's Girls' Night Out @ Bout Time
(me, Brooke, Monique, Nicole, Heather, Bre)
It was a nice, cloudy day. Perfect for sitting out on the patio.
Heather and Bre
Brooke, Nicole and Monique...It was also a b-day celebration for Nicole.
Cheers! to Girls' night. We were also going to see Bridesmaids, the movie, but we were having too much fun socializing.

Moab 2011

I learned that Jessen is a klutz, tourist attractions are more fun with friends and there can be snow strorms in at the end of April.