Friday, October 8, 2010

...and that's summer!

Summer came and left before Shane could finish spelling "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." Here's a recap of what we've done over the past couple of months:

We cruised around Salt Lake on July 23. The Nova, Firebird and Corvette were cheered for driving along the Days of 47 parade route.
Jessen and Shane have the same thing on their license plates. Its their "car club" name, Accelerate.
We went camping with Shane's family and invited Brooke and Jessen along. Mmm...smores!

Shane finally talked me into getting a new LED flatscreen. The picture is amazing!

Then we decided that we were in need of a new bed. (Ours was Shane's bed that he bought about 8-9 years ago.) The memory foam bed took some adjusting, but I love it now!

Deal of the season: Fossil Stella watch for $34! The band is aqua, maybe not the white or clear one I wanted, but when I saw that it was only $34 at Nordstrom Rack vs. the $85 at Fossil.

There are things I like about fall, like being able to make pumpkin choc. chip cookies all the time. Due to the pumpkin crop devastation last year, there is expected to be a pumpkin shortage this year. So I went a little overboard when I found big cans at Winco. I bought 3 cans and only enough to make one batch. Since one batch is half a big can, I froze the other half. (Pumpkin balance: 2 1/2 cans) Then I saw 3 big cans for $7. I don't think I will run out for a while, with 5 1/2 cans.

State Fair 2010: Delicious foot long corn dogs, ice cream, cotton candy and fried oreos, with a side of seals, booths, and stinky animals.

After the fair, we had to take my car to the Infiniti dealership. The water pump went out and it overheated. There aren't many miles on it, thanks for the cheap part Infiniti. Had we not trailered it there (didn't want to have to stop 15,000 times to let it cool), we wouldn't have found that I desperately needed new tires. But now we are as good as new!