Thursday, November 12, 2009

ITS DONE!!!!.....Our bathroom is done!

This is our master bathroom. I believe that this is what the bathroom looked like when our house was originally built. Our house was built in 1987. When I think of it like that, I'm amazed that it wasn't worse. I also think that the builders had a lot of the pink laminate and light colored cabinetry while building. It is the same in this bathroom, our guest bathroom and what was in the kitchen when Shane first bought the house.

This was our shower. Your typical plastic-type wall covers with one of the heaviest bathtubs known to man. Not that we need a bathtub. I get ready at the last minute and Shane can't even fit his legs into it.

Our beautiful vintage wallpaper. I figure it is original because it was in the other bathroom when Shane got the house and was behind the toilet, cabinet and mirror. Blah!!!! This is also the wall above the toilet.

There was not a lot of storage in the bathroom, so most of my everyday things were left on the counter. It seemed very cluttered and the counter was a little low for Shane to lean over when going his hair or brushing his teeth.

The classic cabinetry. Again, just imagine this not just in another bathroom, but the whole kitchen.........

Our purple matched the wallpaper very well and I believe it is original too because the walls were drywalled on top of it.

Starting day: October 10
Shane decided to cut a big whole in the wall and put in a window. It was amazing to realize that we had been getting ready in the dark for so long.

The finished product! We replaced EVERYTHING in the bathroom except for the towels, shower curtain and rugs. Shane made the cabinet 4 inches taller and was a pretty good customer at his own work during this remodel. He bought the handles, towel/toilet paper racks, laminate from his work and even matched his own stain.

The wall was changed from a light rose color to a soft suede, which is green in some light and brown in others. It only took 3 trips to Home Depot in one hour to decide on a color.

As for the shower/tub, Shane removed the bathtub and installed a shower pan. This bathroom definitely kept him busy. He tiled it himself, made the tile shelves and installed the new shower head.

This was my touch to the bathroom. Since we decided to just use the bathroom accessories we already had, I decided to add some art. I followed along with the bamboo theme we had, bought some canvas, found our wall paint and some brown paint and cut out bamboo on vinyl with my Cricut. Then I painted the canvas to match the wall, arranged the vinyl on the canvas and painted over with the brown. When I pulled the vinyl "stencils" off, I had works of art that would make any HGTV host proud.

The new counter top, mirror, sink and fixtures. We also changed all of our fixtures and hardware out for new, antiqued bronze stuff. That included our door knobs.

The end result! I love it! Shane worked so hard and spent nearly a month completing this. My opinion was taken into consideration for a lot of the stuff, which took A LOT of patience from Shane since I am very indecisive. It is awesome to have someone that can take a vision and make it a reality living in my house. Thanks Shane!!!