Thursday, November 12, 2009

ITS DONE!!!!.....Our bathroom is done!

This is our master bathroom. I believe that this is what the bathroom looked like when our house was originally built. Our house was built in 1987. When I think of it like that, I'm amazed that it wasn't worse. I also think that the builders had a lot of the pink laminate and light colored cabinetry while building. It is the same in this bathroom, our guest bathroom and what was in the kitchen when Shane first bought the house.

This was our shower. Your typical plastic-type wall covers with one of the heaviest bathtubs known to man. Not that we need a bathtub. I get ready at the last minute and Shane can't even fit his legs into it.

Our beautiful vintage wallpaper. I figure it is original because it was in the other bathroom when Shane got the house and was behind the toilet, cabinet and mirror. Blah!!!! This is also the wall above the toilet.

There was not a lot of storage in the bathroom, so most of my everyday things were left on the counter. It seemed very cluttered and the counter was a little low for Shane to lean over when going his hair or brushing his teeth.

The classic cabinetry. Again, just imagine this not just in another bathroom, but the whole kitchen.........

Our purple matched the wallpaper very well and I believe it is original too because the walls were drywalled on top of it.

Starting day: October 10
Shane decided to cut a big whole in the wall and put in a window. It was amazing to realize that we had been getting ready in the dark for so long.

The finished product! We replaced EVERYTHING in the bathroom except for the towels, shower curtain and rugs. Shane made the cabinet 4 inches taller and was a pretty good customer at his own work during this remodel. He bought the handles, towel/toilet paper racks, laminate from his work and even matched his own stain.

The wall was changed from a light rose color to a soft suede, which is green in some light and brown in others. It only took 3 trips to Home Depot in one hour to decide on a color.

As for the shower/tub, Shane removed the bathtub and installed a shower pan. This bathroom definitely kept him busy. He tiled it himself, made the tile shelves and installed the new shower head.

This was my touch to the bathroom. Since we decided to just use the bathroom accessories we already had, I decided to add some art. I followed along with the bamboo theme we had, bought some canvas, found our wall paint and some brown paint and cut out bamboo on vinyl with my Cricut. Then I painted the canvas to match the wall, arranged the vinyl on the canvas and painted over with the brown. When I pulled the vinyl "stencils" off, I had works of art that would make any HGTV host proud.

The new counter top, mirror, sink and fixtures. We also changed all of our fixtures and hardware out for new, antiqued bronze stuff. That included our door knobs.

The end result! I love it! Shane worked so hard and spent nearly a month completing this. My opinion was taken into consideration for a lot of the stuff, which took A LOT of patience from Shane since I am very indecisive. It is awesome to have someone that can take a vision and make it a reality living in my house. Thanks Shane!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Love the 80s!

Did you know I love the 80s? Not just the show, but the whole culture that existed in it. One of my favorite things about the 80s was Punky Brewster. In honor of our friend Brooke's birthday (she was born in the 80s), we had an 80s themed party.

I always wanted to be like her.

My eighties look. Bright colors, vintage 80s jewelry and I even used my very first krimper to do my hair.

My AWESOME shoes! Magenta, flat and fishnet over clear plastic.

Brooke went for the Madonna look.

The Miami Vice look. Also take note of "Better Off Dead" on the flatscreen, sneaker flats and leg warmer on the girl that is sitting.

I as well wore scarves in my hair, along with loose button ups and leggings.

Athletic in the 80s.

Shane was talked into dressing as white trash 80s. He even shaved all but his mustache off. We darkened it with mascara.

When the Sun Goes Down......

Kenny Chesney was in town the day before Pioneer Day for his Sun City Carnival Tour. I went with Alli, Mom, Dad, Lydia, Aunt Betty, Andy and Amanda. It was great! This was my first Kenny concert, plus we got to see Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert as well.

Alli watching Lady A.

Alli and I in our "complementary" outfits.

Miranda Lambert

Alli, Manda and Andy

Funny fat guy dancing on the floor. It was so hot! I understand why he wasn't wearing a shirt.

Waiting for Kenny to start. There was a bit of down time because Sugarland decided not to perform as scheduled. This was before Alli and I went on our quest for beer cups.

Its a simple wine, it's summertime!

Me watching Kenny!

Kenny again.

Someone gave him a Utes hat. He looks so good in red!!!

3 is a magic number....yes it is!

Shane and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary this year. Somehow, and not by my pestering, Shane recommended going to Vegas again. We did a couple of different things that we haven't done in Vegas before and stayed there for the whole weekend. It rained while we there so we were able to enjoy the view that our room had to offer. We stayed at New York New York with a strip view room. I finally got to see the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, something I have never done in the many times that I have been there. (Shane was expecting a little more from the sign.)
I was being a dork trying to take my picture with the view.

Our room was in the Empire State Building.

This was the view from our room.

We also took advantage of the entertainment at New York New York. It is home to the Cirque Du Soleil show Zumanity. I have been wanting to see a show forever and Shane was curious to see what it was. The show was amazing and set in a very "intimate" setting. Most of the humor was crude and inappropriate, but the show was AWESOME!!!!! I highly recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor and that appreciates the performing arts. Be warned...there is nudity and a full fledged DRAG QUEEN! LOVED IT!!! I want to plan another trip to just get away and play.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

When you wish upon a star...

I wish they sold a license plate frame that says "My other home is a castle." I would so buy it. Seriously think that I could live in Disneyland, no problem. I went with my family to Disneyland back in June for my cousin's graduation and sister's birthday. We had tons of fun. Shane did not join us on this vacation, mainly because he doesn't care for Disneyland. Have you ever heard of such a thing?!?!? I am hoping to make it back there in October with my sister. We'll see. It was nice having time away from Shane, but I kept wishing he were there. We went to Santa Monica Pier and the beach. All in all, it was relaxing, fun and well worth it.

Me in front of the entrance to Club 33. I actually saw someone going in the secret door before I took this picture. For those of you who don't know, Club 33 is an exclusive members club that has something like a 15 year waiting list. It was created to accommodate celebrities and dignitaries when Walt was alive. It is also the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol. Going in there is on my bucket list.

Aunt Betty, Lydia, Breanna, Alli and I in line for Soarin' Over California. We were waiting because one of the two rooms stopped working. It was quite a wait.

Alli and I with Sully, Mike and Boo.

Alli thought this picture was funny. Not only were we making funny faces, but my boobs look like they actually exist.

Map of the future expansion that will be done to California Adventure. Right now they are redoing the lake between the Golden State area and Paradise Pier.
I am excited to go back and check out Cars Land when it is done. Think I might need to take Shane along on that trip.

We decided to ride the Mad Tea Cups because it had a shorter line than the other rides around. I don't think that we have been on them since one of the first trips we took to Disneyland. Alli took this picture of me spinning in our cup.
And I took a picture of her spinning in the cup. We got going pretty fast.

Waiting for the Electrical Parade to start with Alli. You may not be able to buy alcohol in Disneyland, but they serve wine and beer in California Adventure. Sat on the sidewalk with my dad and drank Hefeweisen. I didn't get ID'd for my beer, but my dad paid for me. When I looked at the receipt, it said "appeared over 40." I hope the lady meant my dad....
We went to Santa Monica on Sunday. The weather ended up being perfect. We parked in one of the lots and walked to the Pier. Alli and I went all out with the beach pictures.
Me sitting on the beach. I didn't take my swimming suit, but I also didn't think that the day was going to be so nice.
Alli posing on the beach, again.
Alli, me, Lydia and Breanna in Santa Monica.
My mom at the Santa Monica Pier.
Me in front of the famous Santa Monica Pier sign. I was so psyched!
We walked from the pier to the Third Street Promenade. It would be awesome to work that close to the beach. We made a stop at AE and I could NOT leave without getting some Pinkberry after I saw it! It was SO yummy! We need one in Utah.
After a long day at the beach, we went back to Anahiem. This is Alli and I at the Cheesecake Factory for her early birthday dinner.

Alli, me, Breanna and Lydia with our waiter.

I left to go use the restroom, but accidently left my camera on top of the table.
Mom and Dad at dinner.
Our family at dinner. We kept trying to get the attention of the guy on the other side of the window. We named him Dick Cheney. After this picture, he started waving back to us and even came out after his meal. It ended up that he and his wife are from Bountiful.

The Birthday Girl before going into the park. We made her wear a tiara and a sash that says Birthday Princess. Everyone kept telling her Happy Birthday in the park.
Me on the plane home after taking off from the Long Beach Airport.
I can't wait to go back!!!! As a side note...I never want to fly to LAX or on Delta after flying with JetBlue to LGB. Such an experience.